Finding Ciaran remote contracts


“Vivid like to check and make sure that everything’s okay. They are actively looking for the next contract for you. They genuinely want to keep you in work.”*

About Ciaran

As a structural design engineer, Ciaran used to travel for his work to several European countries. He described living out of a suitcase for a few weeks while contracting, then coming home for a long weekend before the next job. However, that all changed in 2019 when he began to start a family and realised this method of working was no longer suitable for him. To spend more time at home, especially with his young child, he started looking into working remotely.


The Requirement

Ciaran wanted to be able to work from home while still contracting, which the nature of his work allowed. However, this was not as much of an option before the pandemic as he would have liked. Once COVID-19 hit, there was suddenly a lot more demand for remote contracting and Ciaran was more able to find work. He decided to work through Vivid. We had been in touch with him pre-pandemic and while we certainly kept our eyes out for remote work – something several agencies Ciaran contacted simply refused to do – we unfortunately had no clients asking for remote work before 2020. When this changed, we were able to get straight back in touch with him.

*Ciaran Craik, Structural Design Engineer

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The Solution

Around June 2020, we contacted Ciaran asking if he was still interested in remote contracting. He said ‘Yes’ and we set him up with several contracts throughout the pandemic and beyond. He currently undertakes two to three contracts a year through Vivid, including work from Holland and Belgium. All of this is done remotely, so he can stick to his goal of spending time with his family and not having to travel so much.


The Results

Since starting with Vivid, Ciaran has found the whole process straightforward and hassle-free. There isn’t much admin for him to do, it’s just a matter of filling out a timesheet and knowing he will be paid. He’s found this to be convenient and suited to his style of working.

He was also impressed that we constantly look to find him work, even when he’s already in a job. We don’t want him to have unnecessary downtime if that’s not what he wants, so we make sure that’s not the case. He also expressed happiness with our specialist knowledge and wide network, meaning we were always able to have a job available if he needed something quickly.


The Partnership

Ciaran Craik – Structural Design Engineer

“With recruitment agencies, some are cold. You never hear from them, they won’t pick up the phone, they won’t return your calls. They just want the machine to just keep turning over. Whereas Vivid like to check and make sure that everything’s okay. They are actively looking for the next contract for you. They genuinely want to keep you in work.”


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