Finding Florina & Alex the specialist roles they were looking for


“Vivid know the industry, they know their job, they know what we do and it’s quick and flexible. And this is exactly what you are expecting from an agent.”

The Candidates

Florina and Alex are a husband and wife team of systems engineers working in Germany. After achieving masters degrees in engineering, they started working as freelancers for a range of different companies. However, around three years ago, they got in touch with Vivid Resourcing and we were able to form an excellent, long-lasting partnership with them.

The Challenge

Vivid was not the first recruitment agency Florina and Alex had worked with. However, they had always run up against the same problem: their work is technical and fairly complex, and agencies often do not have the technical knowledge required to understand it. This isn’t necessarily a big problem, but it makes it much harder for those agencies to sell Florina and Alex’s talents to clients. Without really understanding what they do, those agencies are unable to properly explain the ways Florina and Alex can fix clients’ problems and add value to their organisations, which means they can end up missing out on work.

*Florina Rus and Alexander Erdei



The Solution

Around three years ago, Florina and Alex started working for Vivid and have been doing so ever since. They found that we were able to sell them to clients effectively, thanks to the fact we understand their industry and the work they do. This is down to the fact that we embed our recruitment consultants within the industries in which they work, so they can become completely familiar with them and understand exactly what our candidates can provide. That means we can understand what Florina and Alex do, even if we can’t know specific details of their jobs due to NDAs or other agreements.

For Florina and Alex, this meant we were able to understand their strengths, competencies and skills, so we could match them up to the clients who most needed them. In the past, the pair had dealt with agencies who were hesitant to contact clients because they needed a lot of assurances that they would be right for the job. With Vivid, this is no longer the case. We know Florina and Alex, so we can simply provide them with jobs we know will fit their skillset. The only question they now get asked is “do you want this job?”

The Results

Florina and Alex have now been working with Vivid for three years, and are very happy with the partnership. They have found that we are able to work quickly and flexibly to find them work, and they have been pleased at our background knowledge and ability to understand the world of engineering. They have even recommended Vivid to several other professionals, and we hope to continue the partnership long into the future.

The Partnership

Alex – Systems Engineer

“Vivid has always proposed us to clients and they are able to convince the clients that we are able to help them. They are selling us really well to clients here in Germany.”

Florina – Systems Engineer

“From our experience, we know that there are some agencies or recruiters who are not very aware of what they sell. With Vivid, we didn’t have this experience as we know each other and they can sell our skills and our capabilities to their clients. So based on this relationship, we very quickly got interviews… Vivid know the industry, they know their job, they know what we do and it’s quick and flexible. And this is exactly what you are expecting from an agent.”


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