Helping a permanent worker join the world of contracting


“I think Vivid really take the time trying to get to know the individual and that’s probably their unique selling point to be honest.”*

The Candidate

At Vivid Resourcing, we’re always looking out for talented people who would be a great fit for the world of contracting. Sometimes candidates come to us with their CVs, but often we seek out people with the skills we need to fill roles for our clients and get in touch with them directly. As an example, here’s how we found one candidate – who asked to remain anonymous – and helped her get into the world of contracting.

The Requirement

We identified the candidate as someone with a lot of great talent and experience in the world of public health. As it happened, we were looking to fill a role in this area, so we reached out to see if she would be interested in contracting for us. We had an interview lined up for her if she wanted it, and she agreed. We provided as much information as we could and the company chose her as the contractor for the job.

*Public health specialist


The Solution

From this point, we got straight into setting her up as a contractor with Vivid. Contracting via an umbrella company means we take care of the admin, invoicing the client on your behalf and taking tax off for you, so for you, it’s no more hassle than being a salaried worker. We got our candidate set up quickly so she could get started with her new position straight away, and she joined the world of contracting.

This is something she had been considering for a few years. She had been attracted by the ability to get more variety out of her professional life and work in different environments with a range of people. Being contacted by Vivid encouraged her to make the leap, and she has been happy with the direction in which her career has taken her.

She has also found working as a contractor to be convenient and easy thanks to Vivid. She has a designated person here to help her out whenever she has any questions or any issues with payroll. She’s found us to be efficient and effective, and we’ve provided her with advice and help whenever she’s needed it.

The Results

Our candidate has been working with us ever since and has been glad to do so. She added that one of the things she’s been the most impressed by has been our attention to detail and the way we put our candidates first. We’re proud to be working with her and hope to keep doing so for the foreseeable future.


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