Why work at Vivid Resourcing?

If you’d like to work for us but aren’t sure whether or not the job is right for you, take a look at our FAQs.

“I chose Vivid because of their extensive training program, provided by the in-house Learning and Development team. I wanted to make sure I was being developed from the start and not just thrown in the deep end, with no real recruitment knowledge.

The initial 5-week induction gets you off to the best possible start; with continuous support thereafter, you recognise your growth from day one. It’s also a massive bonus that you are surrounded by managers and senior consultants that all began in the same position as you, due to our organic growth model. This means they are all so supportive and eager to give you tips and advice.

The commission structure available is second to none, I know multiple consultants who are earning six figure salaries just 1-2 years into their career, which is amazing to see. In my opinion, the combination of in-depth training and earning potential really set Vivid apart from other recruitment companies.” – Candice Weaver

Handling rejection on a regular basis is arguably the biggest test within any recruitment or sales position. Inevitably, there will always be clients and candidates who don’t want to work with you. It’s important to focus on the positives, direct your energy in the right areas and show resilience when it comes to finding the right match. Managing your own emotions and having the determination to reach your own goals will encourage you to keep pushing forward.

Absolutely not! Recruitment is entirely non-vocational. When it comes to our consultants, we have a very diverse range of degrees and backgrounds. One of the top consultants in our London office studied Biochemistry at the University of Bristol. Others have studied drama, sports, graphic design, politics, economics, the lot! Here at Vivid Resourcing, we don’t focus on your degree, we look for reliable, hardworking, and driven people who want to succeed!

We pride ourselves on having a streamlined interview process. If you were looking to join, you would have an initial call with one of our internal hiring team, followed by a telephone call with one of our hiring managers and finally an in-person interview at the office you wish to join.

We only hire at entry level, so for us, it’s all about the person as opposed to their degree and sales knowledge. We want to hire people who are passionate about being successful, and who are prepared to make sacrifices to get there. We want people who have the confidence to pick up the phone and make mistakes, so we can work with them to rectify and turn weaknesses into strengths. We are an elite company operating at a high level, with the addition of a young and vibrant culture. We are looking for confident graduates who will buy into both the high performing, competitive environment, as well as our fun, outgoing social scene. 

As a recruiter, you will be working as the middleperson between client and candidate. You will be reaching out to prospective, active, and dormant clients within your market, to discuss their hiring requirements and how you can offer insights and add value as a trusted partner. You will also speak with candidates, understanding their situations, skills, desires, and interests, to assist with finding them the right opportunities. Running a 360-recruitment desk is much like running your own business within a business, it requires great communication, organisation, adaptability, patience, and tenacity!

At Vivid Resourcing, our growth is driven organically, ensuring swift and sustainable progress. We prioritise building strong client relationships and delivering exceptional service, as a solutions-led provider. Since opening our first office in London in 2009, we have expanded to Manchester, Glasgow, Munich, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, and the US. Thanks to our organic growth model, we are continuously hiring new consultants across all offices, and are always looking at where we can go next.

At Vivid, we embody the essence of work-hard, play-hard. In 2023, we sat at 7th in the UK across all recruitment companies for GP per head, all whilst only hiring entry level graduates. We work tirelessly to develop our consultants, guiding them to success as early on in their career as possible. This, however, takes hard graft from all involved; we work very intensely in the office and push people towards being the best version of themselves. 

We have dozens of real-life success stories within our business. All these consultants have a few things in common; they started out as trainees, worked hard, and held themselves accountable to the highest of standards. 

There’s no doubt there will be days in this role that test your resilience, but if you’re prepared to make sacrifices and take the hits, the rewards and opportunities are limitless.

Vivid’s internal communication is overall conducted in English. For our European offices, local languages are an additional must for optimal candidate & client interactions. We therefore look for Dutch speakers for our Benelux offices, and German speakers for our team in Munich. 

The short answer for this is, no. The top 10 consultants this and last year, spanned across all offices and markets. The markets we specialise in are characterised either by high volume, lower value placements or low volume, higher value placements, making it a level playing field for all consultants.  Ultimately, it all comes down to the quality of the consultant, their work ethic, and how they utilise the support and tools provided to be successful. 

Prepping for an interview with us consists of two main components. Firstly, carry out initial research to understand what a 360-recruitment role involves day to day. Think about skills you have developed in previous experiences, that would benefit you in this position. Secondly, clearly define your motivations are and your ‘why’. When things get tough in recruitment, it’s paramount you have a solid reason to be here in order to stay motivated!

Due to the fact we only hire entry level recruitment consultants into our graduate scheme, the average age across the business is roughly 26.5 years. This young culture nurtures a multitude of common interests, allowing strong bonds to form with ease. As a collective, our consultants are extraordinarily ambitious and always willing go the extra mile. The work-hard play-hard mentality is at the core of our beliefs, with frequent work socials, lunches and holidays happening year-round. The company operate at an intensity within core hours that is hard to rival, but we understand the importance of unwinding and reward hard work incredibly well.