Finding Fedor the stability he wanted in his work life


“I’m really thankful for the whole team at Vivid for managing things, for helping me, and for supporting me.”*

The Candidate

After graduating from university and working for a short period of time in game development, Fedor moved to Belgium to work on a research project at the University of Brussels. Although originally this was only supposed to take a few months, he ended up working on the project for nine years. When it came to an end in 2014, he began looking for other jobs and by early 2015, he had got in touch with us here at Vivid Resourcing.

The Requirement

What Fedor was primarily looking for was stability. At the time he was going through periods where he had 200 euros to last him the rest of the month, and he wanted something that would prevent that from happening again. It was also important for Fedor to be able to start work as soon as possible, so he could get settled in and not have to worry about his financial situation. Given all that, we took Fedor onboard and did our best to meet his needs.

*Fedor Moiseev, KLA


The Solution

We found Fedor a role working with Nikon Metrology NV, a company that was looking for someone with his talents and skillset. Knowing that speed was important, we worked quickly to minimise the time Fedor spent without a job. After he contacted us, he sent us his CV the next day and we were able to arrange an interview for two days after that. Nikon Metrology NV was a great fit for Fedor, and he spent the next three and a half years there until some company restructuring.

However, as soon as his job at Nikon came to an end, we were able to get straight to work finding Fedor a new role to minimise his downtime. We found him a position that he stayed in for more than a year, then again moved him to a new role when that contract came to an end. Through all of this, we have managed to make things easy for Fedor so there’s no need for him to worry about pay, or what his next steps are going to be.

While Fedor has been working for several different companies, it has been as an umbrella contractor. This means that while he is performing work for other organisations, Vivid Resourcing is his employer. As a result, Fedor never has to chase his clients for a payment or worry about invoicing and taxes; it’s all taken care of by us. This also means we can be flexible, allowing Fedor the financial freedom to do things like arrange renting an apartment by getting some of his pay early to account for the deposit.

The Results

Fedor has found the partnership with Vivid for the last seven years to be smooth, flexible and accommodating to his needs. Vivid has not only been able to find him jobs whenever he has needed them, but we’ve also been there throughout to support him. Whenever anything has gone wrong, or Fedor has needed to raise any kind of issue with the work, we have always been just a phone call away and ready to help out wherever we can. As a result, Fedor has said he is really happy with the way things are going. We hope to be able to work with him for many more years.

The Partnership

Fedor Moiseev

“I’m really thankful for the whole team at Vivid for managing things, for helping me, and for supporting me. You never have a system that works 100 per cent perfectly, but during the more than seven years I’ve been working with Vivid I’ve never had anything really critical come up. I always have options for flexibility, for help if I have some difficulties on the personal side of things, and if I need any arrangements made.”


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