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“Vivid’s work was very appreciated by the project team. Both contractors are now working in our contractor programme, their work is highly appreciated and it’s been excellent having them on board. Plus, our staff are even learning a lot from them.”*


Rheinmetall is a global integrated technology group, based in Düsseldorf but with locations around the world. The company is active in several markets, from being a major supplier to the automotive industry to being a leading provider of international security systems and technology. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Rheinmetall’s developments are working towards a safer and more environmentally friendly future.

The Requirement

Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH – one part of the overall Rheinmetall Defence combine – was looking to take on a contract working closely with two British defence firms. This opportunity, while excellent, required Rheinmetall to work to the standards of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). While this is something the company is very capable of doing, at the time it had no staff with the expertise to work within these standards.

The Challenge

While Rheinmetall’s personnel are more than capable of learning how to work within MoD standards, this is a process that takes time. Staff would have to be sent to specialised training and education programmes, and it is estimated that this would take between six to nine months, by which time the contract opportunity would be long gone. The other option is to opt for freelancers. There are many of these in the defence sector; many former members of the UK armed forces go on to work as specialists and are very familiar with MoD standards. However, sourcing and attracting these contractors requires an extensive network to find people with the right highly technical expertise.

*Frank Hamberg, Technical Manager at Rheinmetall

Our approach

The Solution

Rheinmetall partnered with Vivid Resourcing to quickly locate several freelancers so that Rheinmetall could go straight into contract negotiations with a thorough knowledge of the manpower and expertise it would have available. This was the most important aspect of the recruitment procedure at first, as even when hired, any contractors would have to go through Rheinmetall’s own internal processes. This would take several weeks, by which time the contract opportunity would have passed. Also, there was no guarantee the UK contract would be awarded to Rheinmetall. As such, the company needed to be able to go into negotiations knowing who they could take on if they successfully landed the job, without committing to hiring them.

Vivid’s goal was to utilise our extensive network of talent to find the people who could best match Rheinmetall’s requirements, and to do so as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. Rheinmetall needed highly skilled defence contractors with expertise working within MoD standards, so we searched for this specification and found several excellent specialists within three days.

The Results

Vivid Resourcing found Rheinmetall the candidates they needed within three days, and as a result, Rheinmetall was able to land the UK contract. We took the candidates through the interview process, found the best two and within three weeks they were set up and working for Rheinmetall. The contract was an overall success, and both hires are now working within Rheinmetall’s contractor programme, where they are sharing their expertise and helping existing staff to understand more about MoD standards and the UK market in general.

The Partnership

Frank Hamberg – Technical Manager, Rheinmetall

“Cooperation with Vivid is always smooth and successful. I have my point of contact and that person is always available.”

“The contractors’ work was very appreciated by the project. Both are now working in our contractor programme, their work is highly appreciated and it’s been excellent having them on boards. And our staff are even learning a lot from them.”

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